Blister Packing

Having difficulty remembering to take your medications? We offer an inexpensive weekly/monthly dosing aid service that is customised for your medication regime. Using our dosing aid can drastically improve medication usage compliance, resulting in a healthier, happier and more independent you. Speak to one of our pharmacists to find out more about this service. 
Only $5 per pack. So one month of medicines will cost anywhere from $5 to $20*, depending on your situation. Please enquire.

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Ear & Nose Piercing

Come in and see one of our friendly, trained staff who can assist with getting a piercing.
We are happy to do children (usually from age 5 upwards)

Ear piercing $25
Nose piercing $30

Price includes stud(s) & cleaning solution

Passport & ID Photos

 $17 for a set of 6 printed photos

*We CANNOT provide digital photos for online applications, only printed photos.

No appointment required, just drop in to our pharmacy.

All information and forms for passports (including passport photos) are available from NZ Department of Internal Affairs.Click Here

Crutches for Hire

We have crutches available for hire.
Hire cost of $15 per week.
Bond $20, refundable when crutches are returned in the same condition they left the pharmacy.

Vaporizers for Hire

We have vaporizers available for hire.
Hire cost of $10 per week
Bond $20, refundable when vaporizer is returned in the same condition they left the pharmacy.

Porirua Pharmacy Services

Here is just some of the services we offer:

Dispensing Prescriptions

We dispense prescriptions written by NZ registered medical practitioners (Doctors, dentists, midwife, optometrist, specialist....) according to the professional requirements required by the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Society, the subsidy requirements of the Pharmaceutical Schedule (PHARMAC) and our contract with the District Health Board (DHB)

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Medicine Information

We can provide information about medicines we dispense,  sold over the counter and any other enquires you may have.

General Health Advice

We can provide you with our professional health advice.

We also have a range of FREE Self care cards about different conditions

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Medicine Disposal


Do not keep old medicines because you think you may need them in the future. Return unused medicines you have been prescribed, or medicines past their expiry date, to your pharmacy for safe disposal. Do not throw medicines in the rubbish or flush them down the toilet. 

Simply bring them into us and we'll dispose of them properly - not down the drain or into the landfill! What's better is it won't cost you a cent!

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Formerly known as the "Morning After Pill”, our Pharmacists are trained to provide the ECP if appropriate, following a consultation with you in a private consultation room

No appointment needed, just drop in and see us.

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Used to treat urinary tract infections, our Pharmacists are trained to provide trimethoprim if appropriate, following a consultation with you in a private consultation room.
No appointment needed, just drop in and see us.

Needle Exchange Programme

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INR Testing

It's been just over a year now that we have been providing our INR testing to patients in the community and it has been very successful!

This is for any patients on warfarin who need blood tests.
Instead of having to make an appointment with the doctor or nurse, it can now be done in our pharmacy.
Contact us for more information.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning done for you by Taylor Dry Cleaning Porirua. Pick up from our pharmacy Mon-Fri

Photocopying & Faxing

Photocopying: Black & White $0.40 per page

Fax: $1 for local, $3.50 for nationwide


We have Postage stamps in definitive and non-denominated (KiwiStamp) to send your items within New Zealand and internationally.

You can find out the cost using NZ post's Rate finder.
We have a postbox in-store which is cleared around 1pm Mon-Fri.
Courier service provided by NZ Couriers also available.

The Little Blue Pill (Sildenafil)

We are pleased to announce a new confidential service to our male customers.

Trained pharmacists can now sell sildenafil without a prescription.

This is for males between the ages of 35 and 70 who needs help to keep their private life happy.

Come into the pharmacy and talk to one of the pharmacists to see if this is right for you.