For all prescriptions dispensed our team will always take the time to explain what is prescribed so you get the best results from the medicine. We will give you advice on possible side effects and will answer any questions you have. 
We have a private room available where we can discuss in private. 

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Prescription Subsidy Card
(also known as a Safety Net Card, Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card, Exemption Card or Discount Card)
After paying the prescription charges for 20 subsidised items, at any pharmacy, between 1 February to 31 January each year (i.e 1 Feb 2012 to 31 Jan 2013), we will issue your family with a Prescription Subsidy Card.
This entitles you to lower prescription charges for eligible members of your family for the rest of the year.

A family unit can mean
  • A married (or de facto) couple, with one or more dependent children or
  • A married (or de facto) couple, with no dependent children or
  • One person with or without children
  • *dependent children = aged under 18 years

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